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Waiting Up for the iPhone 4S – Why I Crave New Technology

I’m not sure what you’re doing this evening, but to me it seemed beneficial to stay up until 3am to order the new iPhone 4S. If I was living somewhere in Pacific time I would only have to stay up until 12pm to pre-order the latest Apple release. My first idea was to get my wife and friends to stay up late and make a party out of the whole ordeal (really I knew I was going to have to stay up late anyways, and hoped to rope a few people in with me), but that idea has quickly faded. My wife dropped out of the race around midnight, while my friend stayed with me until about 15 minutes ago (1:45).

So here I am, all alone. What better thing to do than write a blog post about it!

As the owner of a computer repair company in Sarasota, FL I take a special interest in new releases from Apple. It’s almost like a mini holiday, I take time out of my day to read all the blogs and news outlets that cover the announcement event and then I’ll take the time to watch the entire presentation when Apple releases the stream. Then I drool over the new features and then try to sell my family members on why all the new features are all SO IMPORTANT and that it will somehow change how we live our daily lives!

Technology is a drug. Being the first to hold a brand new, groundbreaking technology in your hands is a great feeling! And I doubt that I’m the only one who feels this way about new technology (particularly new releases from Apple). I’m thinking of some individuals who waited in line for something like 2 weeks just so they could be the first to have the iPhone 4 when it came out.

One could argue that getting a great feeling from holding a new piece of technology in your hands is ridiculous, but I would argue that it actually makes quite a bit of sense. I think you could compare it to the feeling you get when you climb into the driver seat of your favorite sports car. You feel great! Your hands grasping the wheel as you feel the roar of the engine propelling you forward. These feelings quickly fade if we own that car, just as the feelings fade as our new technology becomes old. But the great thing is! There’s always next year’s model. It takes our breath away in the same way the previous model did and we get that same great feeling all over again. I suppose this is why many people choose to lease their car for 6 months to a year, then trade it in for a new model.

Personally, I’d rather upgrade my phone once a year than my car. It’s a lot easier on my pocket.

So, now I’m a half hour closer to the next high. I’m just glad I’m waiting it out on the comfort of my couch rather than a tent and a fold up chair on the sidewalk.

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