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How to Get the iPhone 4S for Free

How to get the iPhone 5 (or the iPhone 4S or whatever it’s going to be called) for Free? It’s actually quite simple, during the first couple of months as a company I bought a lot of iPhones on Craigslist, refurbished them and then sold them on eBay. What I found first of all is that iPhones sold on Craigslist sold for a lot less than they did on eBay (a fact which I exploited). So I would often times purchase iPhones off of Craigslist that didn’t need repaired then I would unlock and jailbreak them. I’d immediately post them on eBay and easily make between $60 & $150 per iPhone. Great huh? But this still isn’t the point of this blog post.

The point is, I was selling unlocked iPhone 3GS’s for between $500 & $700 on eBay. This is between February and March of 2010, just before the iPhone 4 came out. So hopefully your starting to get the idea; You Can Sell Your iPhone for A Lot of Money on eBay! Then you can use that money to buy yourself a Brand New iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S!

Now if your willing to do without your iPhone for about a month, you could actually make money on the transaction. Even if you don’t have an iPhone 4 to sell. As of today, the last 137 unlocked iPhone 3GS’s sold on eBay(US) had an average selling price of $259.48. If you do have an iPhone 4, the last 151 unlocked iPhone 4’s sold on eBay(US) with an average selling price of $508.75.

The new iPhone 5 / 4S when it comes out will most likely have a price tag with contract of $199.00 for the 16gb model and $299.00 for the 32gb model. So even with an iPhone 3GS to sell you should be able to pay for the 16gb iPhone 5 / 4S no problem! This is what we are planning to do with my wife’s iPhone 3GS, we purchased it when the iPhone 3GS originally came out 2 years ago. Now she’s available for an upgrade on AT&T (Though we would like to switch to Verizon).

If you have an iPhone 4 and somehow you’re available for an upgrade or you plan on exercising your early upgrade rights? Then you also should be able to get an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S for FREE!

To sum it up:

iPhone 4 or 3GS + Unlocked + Sold on eBay = Enough $ for iPhone 5!

Do you need an iPhone screen repair before you sell on eBay?

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